Saturday, 27 October 2018

Diva on the stand

Diva on the stand
Paper clay, paper mâché, mixed media sculpture
13 x 29cm

The Diva's face was formed with #paperclay and for her body I have used an empty bottle.
Layers of strips of paper was then used to cover her body and her face. The face and hair had been
painted with #acrylicpaint and a piece of #material was used for her dress. #Jewelry was added to her neck and a piece of #dritwood was used as her arm. The whole body had then been glued onto an empty spool as her stand. 

#paperclay  #papermâché #mixedmedia #sculpture

Friday, 26 October 2018

The Clown

The Clown
33 x 11cm
Paper Clay, Paper Mâché, Mixed media sculpture

The Clown's face and body was made from #paperclay. I have used paper strip over the body. I have used #wire for his hands and made a hat from an old medicine dosage cup and a piece of #cardboard. 
The round platform was made from an old round plastic container with a lid which I have covered with strips of paper. I have used #string for his hair and a plastic straw with a spool of thread as an object in his hands. He is painted with acrylic paint. The Clown is 33cm tall and the width at the widest part is 11cm.

 #paperclay #papermache #mixedmedia #papermâchésculpture

Monday, 22 October 2018

The Fish Seller

The Fish Seller
Paper Mâché & Mixed Media 
33 x 10 cm

The Fishseller's body I have used an empty glass bottle and for her face I have used #paperclay.
A bent piece of wire was used to form her hair and also for her arms. The fish was cut from a piece of cardboard, which was then covered with strips of paper and #papermâché paste. She had then been painted with acrylic paint.

#papermâché  #papermâchésculpture  #papermâchédoll  #fish
#sonjapeacockart #sonjapeacock

Pink Bow tie rabbit

Pink Bow Tie Rabbit
Paper Mâché & Mixed Media Sculpture
37 x 17 cm

A glass bottle was used for the rabbit's body and his face was sculpt from
#paperclay. The ears is just strips of cut #cardboard. The whole body, face and ears 
was then covered with layers of #paperstrips and #papermâché paste. 
The rabbit was then painted with acrylic paint to complete him.

#papermâché  #Sculpture #rabbit #papermâcherabbit

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Stel van 2 vrouens met seuntjies - Wooden wall plaques

"ek word weer sag
as jou oë my dagbreek 
oopmaak met jou onskuld.
Jy maak my hart 'n tuin"
©Sonja Peacock

"ek sit jou in my somer neer
sodat as jou storm kom
jy my weer gaan vind ...
my kind"
©Sonja Peacock

Stel van 2 Vrouens
Wall plaques
Hand painted 
Ready to hang
Each 10 x 30cm

Both wall plaques had been painted with acrylics.

#wood #woodenwallplaques #acrylics #sunart,
#afrikaansegedigte #sonjapeacockgedigte #verse

In die verte

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